First Year of New Vint Hill Ownership Delivers Results


The blossoming hub of Vint Hill, Virginia, has come a long way in the last year, but the work to reshape the property into the focal point of a balanced yet thriving work-life community has only just begun, the property’s owners and caretakers say.

On May 22, 2014, a team led by Ed Moore purchased the majority of Vint Hill from the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, which was set up to transform the former U.S. Army base into a privatized community asset. The new ownership, working under the Vint Hill Village, LLC (VHV) banner, pledged to continue Vint Hill’s transformation into the centerpiece of a vibrant, sustainable community that builds on what is already there. One year into the project, they are making good on that pledge.

“We’ve had an outpouring of support from the community, offering their suggestions on how the project should evolve,” said Moore, president of VHV. “Many businesses have backed their support with commitments, from leases to outright land and building purchases. These steps are helping create the vibrant community that we envision for Vint Hill—one that weaves together the best of small-town living and commercial opportunities to create both a destination for visitors and a comfortable place that its residents can call home.”

Changes at Vint Hill during the last year range from small to significant. Residents and business owners asked to clean up the property, and for better signage and a more thorough landscaping program, and the Vint Hill team delivered. More reliable telecommunications service was secured through a deal with a major service provider. Renovations of existing properties, including building demolitions, and the road system began before the purchase, and continue today.

Such seemingly tiny details helped lay the groundwork for larger ones, including the first official land sale under the new ownership, to the Triumph Baptist Church. Lord Fairfax Community College selected Vint Hill as its third location and second satellite campus, launching its first classes on the property in February. Among the many other businesses that have arrived or expanded their presence in the last year are Old Bust Head Brewing Company, Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics, Paramount Property Services, UAS Academy, Allen Wayne Ltd., MTO Kombucha, Vintage Hill, Iva Bella, and one of the newest to open its doors: the Green Maple Market.

Such progress on the infrastructure and diversity in businesses coming to the area fit in with what residents and community members have requested. Vint Hill leadership hosted two community meetings during the year, and solicits constant feedback both directly and via, which was set up to help foster discussion about the property’s evolution.

Perhaps the most notable change of all: adding the “Vint Hill” designation as a recognized postal address. The move, approved by necessary authorities including the U.S. Postal Service and Fauquier County officials, establishes the 700-acre area once known as Vint Hill Farms Station as “Vint Hill, Virginia,” and gave businesses and residents the option of using the new name in their official postal addresses.

“While we take great pride in Vint Hill’s progress during the last year, we’re also excited at the prospects of delivering even more of what the community wants,” Moore said. “A main street-like area in the center of Vint Hill will bring more wonderful business opportunities. The strong residential communities on and around Vint Hill will become enhanced by more living space to satisfy the demand of those who crave the work-life balance only a well-planned small town can deliver.”

Vint Hill will continue to involve community members and stakeholders as its vision continues to take shape. More community meetings and events are planned for 2015, including a fall street festival. Details will be provided once they are finalized.