Vint Hill Welcomes Lord Fairfax Community College

With classes commencing Monday, February 2, Lord Fairfax Community College kicks off its first semester in Vint Hill with five class offerings, which are held in the evenings to accommodate part-time students in the New Baltimore region.

Visiting the campus, you’ll find LFCC’s traditional school colors and furnishings, which provide a familiar and welcoming feeling as you walk through the halls. The school has made ample progress since its decision to expand this past summer. From fresh paint on the building’s exterior to renovated classrooms, offices and hallways, you’d suspect that the building is fairly new.



The building hasn’t been around quite as long as some of the more historic structures in Vint Hill, but there is some history as an educational facility. Though it wasn’t intentionally built to serve as an academic institution, it was once home to Vint Hill Academy and then Allegro Community School of Music before LFCC occupied it.




Prior to serving students of the community, the 4151 Weeks Drive property existed as part of Vint Hill Farms Station, under the U.S. Army’s jurisdiction. The building was constructed in 1993 for administrative use, just years before the base was sold to the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority.

Like many other organizations that have found renewed purpose in the former military buildings, we’re please that the LFCC campus center has made its home in our Vint Hill quarters.