Rockwell Collins

Vint Hill’s historical connections to the military—including its establishment as a key code-breaking facility during World War II and its current-day hosting of the Cold War Museum are familiar to many.  Few people outside the aerospace industry may realize that work going on at a certain office building located in Vint Hill keeps the area tightly connected with the modern-day military as well.

Vint Hill is home to a division of Rockwell Collins that makes sophisticated systems to help both manned and unmanned aircraft fly. Founded in 1998 as Athena Technologies, Inc., the company quickly gained prominence in the aerospace industry for its GuideStar line of flight control systems. The units, some as small as a cell phone, earned their way onto several unmanned aircraft produced by the U.S. and allies such as Italy.

The company’s original offices were at the Manassas Regional Airport and in 2003, they moved to Vint Hill. Four years later, the company built its current facility, a 43,000-sq. ft. building on Macintosh Drive. In 2008, Rockwell Collins came calling, and Athena soon became a fully integrated part of the global communications, electronics and avionics specialist’s Airborne Solutions division.

Today, Rockwell Collins’s Vint Hill facility continues to deliver systems for a variety of military and commercial applications. To learn more about Rockwell Collins, visit