Coming to a Mailbox Near You: Mail Addressed to Vint Hill, Virginia

The effort to transform Vint Hill into the centerpiece of a vibrant community has taken a major step forward with the establishment of Vint Hill, Virginia as a recognized postal address.

The move, approved by necessary authorities including the U.S. Postal Service, establishes the 701-acre area once known as Vint Hill Farms Station as “Vint Hill, Virginia,” within the county’s 20187 ZIP code. This means that businesses and residences within the designated area now have the option to list their official address as being in Vint Hill, Virginia.

“Vint Hill has long been a significant place in Fauquier County, from its period as a strategically important Army intelligence center, to its current role as the hub of a blossoming community,” said Ed Moore, president of the Vint Hill team that purchased an additional 215-acres of the property this past May. “Establishing Vint Hill as a recognized location that can appear in an address is an ideal way to help enhance its sense of place for locals and visitors alike.”

Residents and businesses on the 701-acre Vint Hill property now have the option of listing Vint Hill as the town in their addresses, or they can retain Warrenton. The U.S. Post Office will recognize either name as applying to the Vint Hill locale.

Establishing an official “Vint Hill, Virginia” is the latest in a series of improvements Vint Hill’s new leadership has brought to the community. Other recent developments include the addition of a Lord Fairfax Community College branch to the area (slated to open for classes in February 2015) and a series of road and signage improvements designed to help make getting around easier.