Road Improvements Continue in Vint Hill

The unmistakable sounds of infrastructure improvement will soon fill the heart of Vint Hill as the next phase in a series of road improvements gets underway.

The latest project, scheduled to start this month, includes the completion of Vint Hill Parkway and Farm Station Rd (formerly Watson Dr.) plus the complete rehabilitation of Kennedy Rd. and Finch La. within the borders of Vint Hill.

The result? Better traffic flow within and around Vint Hill, improving access to such popular destinations as the Vint Hill Dog Park, Green Maple Market, Old Bust Head Brewing Company, Vint Hill Craft Winery, and the Fauquier Community Theatre. The project is slated to take about 18 months.

“Improving these roads is a major step in our journey to transform Vint Hill into a bustling, sustainable community,” said Vint Hill Village, LLC President Ed Moore. “Better access makes our community more attractive to businesses, and more businesses makes it a better place to live, for both current and future residents.

“This road project is a big deal, but it’s just the next step,” Moore added. “Aiken Drive, which we view as the community’s Main Street, is among the roads slated for upgrades as we move forward.”

The project’s design has been carefully crafted to preserve as much of the existing features around the Village Green as possible. For example, Kennedy Road’s new design preserves many of the mature trees along its current path. The project will also improve the pedestrian/bike path along Kennedy Road.

The $11 million project, approved unanimously by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors on March 10, is being funded by a 50% state revenue-share program and a 50% match by the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority (EDA). Once this project has been completed, the Vint Hill EDA will have invested over $7 million in road design and construction at Vint Hill over the last four years as part of this program.

These investments in infrastructure will position Vint Hill to help bolster the much needed commercial tax revenue base in Fauquier County.

The Vint Hill EDA recently sold much of the property it owned at Vint Hill to Vint Hill Village, LLC which will donate the right-of-way for the new and rehabilitated roads.

The Vint Hill EDA has also committed to invest an additional $2 million towards the construction of a waste water pump station at Vint Hill which will provide public sewer to the previously undeveloped northern area of Vint Hill.

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