Colliers Partnership Will Boost Vint Hill’s Economic Development

Vint Hill Village, LLC leadership has retained Colliers International to help bring sought-after businesses to Vint Hill, continuing our community’s progress towards becoming a regional economic hub.

Colliers has put together a team of experienced property sales agents to help market parcels of available land within Vint Hill. The Colliers team will work to bring a mix of retail, entertainment, office, and senior living businesses to Vint Hill, where they will join existing and future tenants, such as Old Bust Head Brewery and OVH, as well as the Puller Veterans Care Center that is slated to open in 2019.

“Our mission is to complete the transformation of the former military intelligence base into the centerpiece of a vibrant, sustainable community that builds on what is already here, from icons such as the Inn at Vint Hill to the surrounding existing neighborhoods and local retailers and businesses already well-established,” said Ed Moore, Vint Hill Village, LLC president. “We are confident that Colliers is the ideal partner to help get Vint Hill even closer to where we want it to be, and where our community members have said they want it to be.”

The Vint Hill Economic Development Authority (VHEDA) took control of Vint Hill 1998 with the goal of developing the former Army base into a vibrant economic hub that boosted Fauquier County’s commercial tax base. VHEDA’s leadership attracted several major organizatiosn to Vint Hill, including the Federal Aviation Administration and numerous businesses. When Vint Hill Village purchased most of the remaining land in 2014, it pledged to carry on VHEDA’s vision.

Bringing more business to Fauquier County has numerous benefits, such as creating local jobs, increasing tax revenue, and giving residents more options for shopping, dining, and other services. The variety and success of Vint Hill-based businesses like Old Bust Head, Vint Hill Craft Winery, Iva Bella Salon, Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics, Von Canon General Store, and the UVA Community Credit Union, just to name a few, underscore that the vision to create a true Main Street community in the heart of New Baltimore is coming to fruition. The addition of Colliers’ efforts is expected to keep the momentum going.

“We’re delighted to join Ed Moore and his team to bring targeted commercial and retail business to Fauquier County residents, while delivering amenities and services to this rapidly growing region just outside the nation’s capital,” said Colliers Executive Vice President John Lesinski.

For a look at the available commercial properties at Vint Hill, visit their page.